Adolph Thomae, Jr. County Park, Arroyo City, Texas


I have been staying at the Adolph Thomae, Jr. County Park in Arroyo City, Texas for the past week. Thought I’d post some pictures so I’ll have a reference for when I next come to the area. The park is located along the Arroyo Colorado at the end of a road through the small town of Arroyo City. It is surrounded on three sides by Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge. In addition to it’s rv sites, it has two lighted fishing piers and a boat launch area. It is a lot better than most of the rv parks in town. There is a problem with litter, especially Sunday afternoon. The Arroyo Colorado has some of the same problems as the Salton Sea in California–pollution and fish die offs. People don’t seem hesitate to eat the fish though.



RV sites by the water. They were full when I arrived, so I got a spot in the woods area. The water sites tend to be more crowded, so probably better to leave them for fishermen.





As the sun was setting on my last day at the park, serious clouds started to roll in with thunder in them. Brought a little rain. Next day it was nice again.

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