Cliff & Wade Lakes Area, MT

Have wanted to visit Cliff & Wade Lakes in Montana for some time, mainly because it’s an official wildlife viewing area. The area is located between West Yellowstone and the town of Ennis, just past Earthquake Lake. In the picture above, the Earthquake Lake avalanche area is in the center of the picture. Continue on the road through there to get to West Yellowstone.

Looking back on the dirt road to Cliff & Wade Lakes. It’s a dusty dirt and gravel road with some washboarding. People pass you going 35 mph and leave you in the dust. The road gets worse near the lake areas.

It turned out to be a bad time to visit the lakes. The area was crowded and it was dusty and windy. The one thing that made my visit worthwhile was seeing the above eagle. I’ll return to the area again when it’s not so crowded.

Between Earthquake Lake and West Yellowstone is Hebgen Lake (below), another popular boating and fishing area.

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